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Profiled D.i. PP Flange, PN10, 16

Profiled PP Steel Flanges

Fix Flange multistandard PC-u, PN10, 16

Fix Flange PVC

Insulator PP, DN 100-1200

Insulator Type KMS 1 & KSM 1,5

Wall Sealing, OD 75-1200

EB Wall Sealings

Puddle Flange EPDM, OD 10-1400

Puddle Flanges EPDM

Profiled D.i. BLUE LINE Flange, PN10, 16

Blue Line Thermoplastic Coated Flange

High Pressure Flange PE, PN10, 16, 25

HP High Pressure Flange Adaptors

Steel Wheel Insulator

Steel Wheel Insulator

Compact Modular Seal LIK

Compact Modular Seal Type LIK

Puddle Flange PE, OD 90-1200

Puddle Flange PE EPDM

Prof. D.i. Epoxy Coated Flange, PN10, 16

Proviled Flange Epoxy Coated

Unique Flange PE, PN10, 16, 25

Unique Flange PE100

Casing End Seal

End Seal Type KAKT KAWM

Flanged Wall Sleeve

Flange to Flange Wall Sleeve Type BOK 30-FF
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