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Ball Valve PVC-u threaded PN10, 16

Ball Valve PVC-U

Swing Check Valve PVC-u, PP, PVDF

Swing Check Valves

Basket Strainer PVC-u, PP, PVDF PN10

Basket Strainer DN50 - DN300

Wafer Tee Check Valve PVC-u, PN10

PVC-u Tee Wafer Check Valve

Line Strainer PVC-u, PP transparent 

Line Strainer DN15  - DN50

Angle Seat Valve PVDF PN16

Angle Seat Valve DN 15 - DN 50 PVDF

Check Valve PVC-u, PN10, 16

Check Valves PVCU

Line Strainer PVC-u, PP, PVDF PN10

Line Strainer DN65 - DN500

Suction Filter PVC-u, PP, PVDF PN10

Suctions Filter
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